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Faculty of Music

 Stephane  Crayton


PhD Student


I’m a composer based in Cambridge, UK, where I’m writing my PhD under Richard Causton’s supervision.

My compositions reassess various social dynamics of performance, inventing new traditions and, sometimes, old ones.

My research attempts to untangle the complex identity of contemporary music. I’m interested particularly in the relationship between composition today and various modes of imprisonment, as codified by notation, for instance, or, more generally, by philosophies of history. 

I’m also a founding member of ’rites’, a musical and theatrical collective which questions and challenges rituals and conventions of the concert hall. You can find more about this on my website.


New Music

Musical analysis (especially Schenkerian methods)

C20th Italian music

C17-18th English satire (especially William Hogarth)

Teaching and Supervisions


Analysis supervising: Part IB, II

Orchestration supervising: Part IB