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I am an affiliated lecturer in music at the University of Cambridge. Previously I held a 5-year research fellowship at Homerton College, where I also served as director of studies. I completed my PhD with Nicholas Cook at King’s College Cambridge, an MRes at the University of York, and a BA at Christ Church Oxford, where I received the Gibbs Prize. I work on the history of popular and experimental traditions from the 19th century to the present.

My first book The Folk: Music, Modernity, and the Political Imagination was published in 2021 by University of California Press. I’m currently writing a second book, on utopian thought, provisionally entitled Soundscapes of Possibility: The Musical Poetics of Utopia.

My academic work has been published in ASAP/Journal, Ethnomusicology, Popular Music, and the Journal of the Royal Musical Association, among other places. Shorter pieces have appeared in The Conversation, ASAP/J, Musicology Now, and the Times Higher Education.

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