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Faculty of Music


January 20
Ben Walton (University of Cambridge)
Singing to the New World: The Invention of Italian Opera in Argentina

January 27
Anne Hyland (University of Cambridge)
Spatial Development and Developmental Space in Schubert’s D.887/i

February 3
Tim Hopkins (University of Sussex)
‘Give me your blessing, for I go to a foreign land…’ A discussion of Stravinsky’s Les Noces

February 10
Joseph Landers (University of Montevallo)
Stravinsky’s orchestration of “Song of the Volga Boatmen”

February 17
Bryan Gilliam (Duke University)
Strauss and the Sexual Body: The Erotics of Humor, Philosophy, and Ego-Assertion

February 24
Veit Erlmann (University of Texas at Austin)
Music as Law: “The Lion King,” Counterfeit and Intellectual Property Rights

March 3
Aidan Thomson (Queen’s University Belfast)
‘Arnold Bax and the “Celtic North”‘

March 10
Emma Hornby (Bristol University)
‘Analysing the untranscribable: Lenten chants in medieval Toledo and León’