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Faculty of Music

22 January 2014

Dr Elisabeth Giselbrecht (Universität Salzberg, Austria)
Walk the Line: Printing and selling music in the age of confessionalisation

29 January 2014
Dr Griffith Rollefson (Girton College, Cambridge, UK)
Hip Hop as Postcolonial Critique in the UK: Juice Aleem’s 'Mastery of Form' and 'Deformation of Mastery'

5 February 2014
Mario Baroni (Università di Bologna, Italy)
Affective procedures in a musical grammar

12 February 2014
Professor Davitt Moroney (University of California, Berkeley, USA)
Airs of the Ancien Régime: The Songs of Anne-Madeleine Guesdon de Presles

19 February 2014
Dr Charles Wilson (University of Cardiff, Wales)
Immer neu? Negotiating the 'Contemporary' in Contemporary Classical Music

26 February 2014
Dr Martin Ennis (Girton College, Cambridge, UK)
'The stretchèd metre of an antique song': some thoughts on Brahms and metre

5 March 2014  
Professor Simon Frith (University of Edinburgh, Scotland)

12 March 2014
Dr Philip Fine (University of Buckingham, UK)
What makes for a clear singer? Factors underlying the intelligibility of sung text