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Faculty of Music


Tuesday 11 October
Karl Kügle (Utrecht University)
The Dominican connection: New Light on Turin J.II.9 and some afterthoughts.

Tuesday 18 October
Susan Youens (University of Notre Dame)
The Beautiful and the Ugly: Racial Theory in a Schumann Song

Tuesday 25 October
Jennifer Sheppard
Sound of Body: music, sports and the revival of the modern Olympic Games

Tuesday 1 November
Art Groos (Cornell University)
Mimì’s Bonnet and Colline’s Coat; Bohemian Nostalgia and the Remembrance of Things Past

Tuesday 8 November
Nicholas Cook (University of Cambridge)
Scripting social interaction: Improvisation, performance, and Western ‘art’ music’

Tuesday 15 November
Katharine Ellis (Royal Holloway)
Staging Wagner’s Music Dramas in Regional France, 1855-1892

Tuesday 22 November
David Trippett (University of Cambridge)
Wagner’s Melodies, Bellini’s Sinnlichkeit

Tuesday 29 November
Drew Massey
Adès’s Glosses