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Faculty of Music



This section of the website is designed to provide general information about Health & Safety in the Faculty of Music, giving easy access to documents such as the University Health & Safety Policy as well as details of where to go for further information and advice.  If you notice something missing or out of date, please contact the Faculty  in the first instance.

Health & Safety Team

Although every individual has a personal responsibility for ensuring the health and safety of ourselves and others, a number of people in the Faculty have designated responsibilities:

The Chair of the Faculty Board acts as the Head of Institution for the Faculty and has overall responsibility for ensuring effective Health & Safety measures are put into place, adhered to and reviewed regularly.

The Faculty Manager has overall responsibility for management of the estate, maintains oversight of all operational policies and procedures and manages the professional services team.

Alongside and embedded within the principle role as the Concert Hall Manager, Anthony is the key officer for health and safety in the Faculty, advising the Head of Institution and ensuring that effective policy and procedure is drafted for all areas of activity.

The custodial team in the Faculty take a lead on the majority of regular checks and activities relating to health and safety in the Faculty and deal with all front line enquiries in this area.

Fire Wardens
The Faculty appoints Fire Wardens based in all areas of the building to help ensure a smooth effective evacuation of the building

Risk Assessment
Staff and students making a request to Work Abroad or those wishing to review or create Risk Assessments can find these here.


For further information or to discuss matters of Health & Safety in more detail, please contact the Faculty  in the first instance.