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Faculty of Music

 Lea Luka  Tiziana Sikau


PhD Student


“Lea Luka Sikau is an outstanding musical innovator who investigates, challenges and extends the existing norms of music-based projects. She incubates and develops multidisciplinary formats and carves out a unique path.” – Marina Abramovic


Artist and cultural impresaria Lea Luka Sikau (*1996) works at the nexus of music, theatre, technology, and the environment. In her young yet burgeoning career, she collaborated with the most sought-after visionaries in the arts such as Marina Abramovic, Rimini Protokoll, Jörg Widmann, Sir Peter Jonas, and Julius von Bismarck. As it is her vision to create music-based projects that happen in transdisciplinary spaces, Lea Luka Sikau goes beyond the music industry to foster epistemic encounters. As founder of the SciSound Lab, she partnered with Climate Week NYC, the German Consulate, and the Earth Institute for the creation of innovative artistic formats, on- and offline.


Currently, Lea Luka Sikau pursues a PhD on Opera, Rehearsal Ethnography, and Technology at Cambridge University. Previously, she graduated with highest marks in Munich with a M.A. in cultural management and a B.A. in media and cultural sciences. In 2020, she was awarded with the Bavarian Cultural Award for her work at Harvard University and MIT on the intersection of music and technology.


Opera as Process, Rehearsal Ethnography, Opera and Technology, Posthumanism, Figure Theatre, Epistemology of Artistic Research

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