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Faculty of Music

 Xi  Zhang


PhD Student


Xi’s doctoral research with Prof Ian Cross is about the interaction between speech and music in tone languages, focusing on the Chaozhou dialect and Chaozhou songs of South China.

Xi completed a BA in Music Education and an MA in Psychology of Music in China. After six-year working at Xinghai Conservatory of Music (Guangzhou, China) as a research assistant, a lecturer and an editor of the Journal of Xinghai Conservatory of Music, she came to the UK and studied Ethnomusicology at SOAS, University of London in 2014 and joined the Centre for Music and Science in 2017.  

Xi’s interdisciplinary research interests are developed during over 10 years fieldwork and empirical studies on the traditional music of South China. Since 2007, she has participated in three province-funded research projects and most of the works have led to academic publications.


Key publications: 


Zhang X. (2017). 岭南潮州音乐的社会心理学 (The Social Psychology of Lingnan Chaozhou Music). Fujian Education Press. (In Chinese)

Book Chapters

Zhang X. (2011). 老年音乐治疗曲目库的编制与实证 (The Corpus as Clinical and Empirical Music in the Rehabilitation among The Elderly), In Music and Psyche: The Concise Textbook of Old People’s Psychogeromusicology. Luo Xiao Ping & Yu Jin, ed. Chinese Traditional Medicine Press, 2011: 124-144. (In Chinese)

Refereed Journal Papers

Zhang X. (2014). 潮州音乐分类新探 (Re-categorisation of Chaozhou Music). The Journal of Xinghai Conservatory of Music, (4), pp 42-49. (In Chinese)

Zhang X. (2014). 我是谁?:潮州畲歌王雷楚亮的音乐行为与自我概念(Who Am I?: Chaozhou She Song King Lei Chu-liang’s Musical Behaviours and Self-concept). Music Communication, (3), pp17-24. (In Chinese)

Zhang X. (2014). 潮州音乐民俗活动“游神赛会”表演者态度-行为关系的分析与解释(The Analysis and Interpretation of Performers’ Attitude-Behaviour Relation in Musical Folk Activity in Chaozhou). Musicology in China, (1), pp99-106. (In Chinese)

Zhang X. (2013). 潮州音乐还是潮汕音乐(Chaozhou Music or Chaoshan Music: An Explanation from the Change of the Domain Name and the Distribution of Music). The Journal of Xinghai Conservatory of Music, (4), pp33-42. (In Chinese)

Zhang X. (2009). 民俗活动中潮州大锣鼓观众态度量表的编制与测量:以潮州市意溪镇为研究样本(The Compilation and Measurement of Audience Attitude Scale of Chao Zhou Da Luo Gu in Folk Activity: Base on a Survey of Yixi Town of Chaozhou City ), The Journal of Xinghai Conservatory of Music, 2009(4), pp58-70. (In Chinese)