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Dr Inés Sevilla Llisterri

Dr Inés  Sevilla Llisterri

Visiting Scholar

1st October 2017 to 28th February 2019


My research interests are the interplay between music, literature and politics. My thesis fostered my interest in Spanish history and its nationalisms. I'm also interested in the importance of the reception of Spanish literary classics (especially from the 16th and 17th centuries, such as Cervantes) in Spain in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and the use made of them to carry out regenerationist proposals that we also find in music. An example of this would be the opera Master Peter's Puppet Show by Manuel de Falla, which I analyze in my thesis.

 I was born in Valencia (Spain). Since my early years, I was passionate about music and specially about opera. I completed a Professional Music Degree in Classical Singing (2003) in the Conservatory of Valencia. I was also fortunate enough to study with great singers such as Francisco Kraus. In 2009, I completed a Bachelor's Music degree in Piano in the Superior Conservatory of Music of Valencia with a research work in which I began to study the relations between music and poetry through a comparative analysis between the different versions of the three Sonetti del Petrarca by Liszt. At the same time, I decided to study my other great passion: literature, so I completed a B.A. in Hispanic Philology (2008) in the University of Valencia.

 As it was to be expected, I was soon interested in the relations between music and literature and in the problem of musical meaning. I pursued my studies with an MA in Interdisciplinary Communication (completed in 2010) in the University of Valencia. This MA allowed me to delve into semiotics and literary theory from an interdisciplinary perspective. I was granted a scholarship to make a one-year stage in the Sorbonne, in Paris, where I deepened my musicological studies. The following year, I enrolled as a musicology student at the EHESS in Paris, where I began to study the relations between music and politics. Between 2012 and 2016 I enjoyed a predoctoral fellowship, which allowed me to do a double doctorate in Musicology (at the EHESS in Paris, under the supervision of Esteban Buch) and Interdisciplinary Communication (at the University of Valencia, supervised by Jenaro Talens).

 In my thesis, "Master Peter's Puppet Show by Manuel de Falla: a Dialogue between Music, Literature and Politics" (2016), I analysed Manuel de Falla's opera Master Peter's Puppet Show (1923) as a Spanish nationalist interpretation of Cervantes' Don Quixote (1605 and 1615). In his opera, Falla pays homage to Cervantes carrying out a reconstruction of the musical imaginary of Cervantes' work as well as imitating and conveying many of Cervantes' stylistic features. I am currently working on a book building on my doctoral research, the main ideas of which are synthesized in my article “El retablo de Maese Pedro de Falla como construcción musical y literaria de la identidad nacional española”.

Key Publications

· “El retablo de Maese Pedro de Falla como construcción musical y literaria de la identidad nacional española”, in EU-topías. Revista de interculturalidad, comunicación y estudios europeos 11, 2016, pp. 33-42.

· (submitted): “L'intertextualité comme dialogue narratif intersémiotique: Les tréteaux de Maître Pierre de Manuel de Falla”, in La narratologie et les arts, Martha Grabócz ed., Hermann.