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Eduardo Henrik Aubert

Eduardo Henrik Aubert

Research Fellow

Emmanuel College
Office Phone: 01223 761406


Eduardo Henrik Aubert is a Newton Society fellow at the Faculty of Music. He studied History in the University of São Paulo in Brazil (2000-2003), where he also completed his M.Phil. on Medieval History, on medieval liturgy (2004-2007).

He was awarded his PhD in 2011 by the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales (Paris), under the supervision of Jean-Claude Schmitt. This research was concerned with investigating the interaction of music writing, music making and broader social practices through an intensive source study of books containing the chants for the Mass written in Southern France up until 1100.

Among his many ongoing research projects are a book on the modern interpretations of medieval neumatic notation, a catalogue of chant fragments in the public archives of Burgundy and a series of publications on early Cluniac chant.

As a Newton Society fellow, he is working on the invention and early uses of musical notation in the ninth and early tenth centuries.

The focus of his works is the understanding of medieval music (and occasionally of other topics he has worked on) as a form of social praxis. This demands at the same time an effort of intensive source work in an attempt to understand patterns of interaction – and changes in these patterns – from the evidence available, and an effort of conceptualization aimed at refining the vocabulary of the social sciences.

Colleges, Departments and Institutes

Emmanuel College:

Key Publications

“Scribes at Work : Codicology, Palaeography and the Making of a Music Book in Eleventh-Century Cluny (BNF, lat. 1087)” Études grégoriennes XXXVII, 2011, p. 47-84.

“Mediação e Medialização: o Cartulário do Colégio de Hubant e a Teoria do Laço Social”,

Revista de História (USP), 165, 2011, p. 151-191.

“Quand voir fait chanter. Images et neumes dans le tonaire du ms. BNF latin 1118: entre performance et performativité” In: Alain Dirkens, Gil Bartholeyns, Thomas Golsenne (org.), La performance des images, Bruxelles, Université Libre de Bruxelles, 2010, p. 225-242. (written in collaboration with Jean-Claude Bonne)

“Historicizing Neumatic Notation: Medieval Neumes as Cultural Artifacts of Early Modern Times”, Studies in medievalism, coming out in 2012.

“Les graphies neumatiques modifiées avec angle droit dans Paris BNF lat. 1087”, Études grégoriennes, coming out in 2012. (written in collaboration with Daniel Saulnier)

A comprehensive list of publications and other activities can be accessed here