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Ely Rosenblum


Active in sound studies, music research and anthropology, Ely Rosenblum is a PhD candidate in Cultural Musicology under the supervision of Professor Nicholas Cook. His dissertation, Composing The Field, examines the technological advancement of portable recording media, and reviews the uses of these technologies by folklorists, ecologists, composers, artists and social scientists in the field.

Ely trained in ethnographic filmmaking at the Centre for Visual Anthropology at Goldsmiths, University of London, where he co-founded ART/E/FACT, a publication and event series of art and anthropology. His previous projects examined spoken word poetry in Nova Scotia, and contemporary folk song in Britain, resulting in collaborative media projects with musicians, filmmakers and artists. He has directed documentary films and produced recordings for the Smithsonian Institution, the MIT Media Lab, and CBC Radio 1.

In 2014, Ely was a visiting researcher at Smithsonian Folkways Recordings and the Ralph Rinzler Folklife Archives and Collections. In 2015, he was the Director of Photography and Editor of two music documentaries: 'The Sunjata Story: Glimpse of a Mande Epic' (Produced by Dr. Marcia Ostashewski with Artistic Direction by Dr Lucy Duran), and  'Signed Music: Rhythm of the Heart' (Co-produced by Joanne Cripps and Dr. Anita Small).

Ely was a co-convener the CRASSH conference and artist residency Sound Studies: Art, Experience, Politics with Anija Dokter and Professor Steven Connor.

Colleges, Departments and Institutes

Hughes Hall:

Research Interests

Field recording, anthropology of sound, media studies.

Key Publications

Select Publications:
(Forthcoming 2016) “Critical Listening & Sensory Experience In Soundscape Composition” in Reyland, N., Sewell, S., and Thumpson, B., (Eds). Music Analysis and the Body: Experiments, Explorations and Embodiments. Peeters/Leuven Press
(2015) Cripps, J., Rosenblum, E., & Small, A. “Signed Music” in Gertz, G., & Boudreault, P. (Eds) The Deaf Studies Encyclopedia. SAGE Reference
(2014) Grytter, S., & Rosenblum, E. (Eds). Experimental Folklore. ART/E/FACT: Publications of Art and Anthropology. University of London
(2012) Grytter, S., & Rosenblum, E. (Eds). The Social Landscape. ART/E/FACT: Publications of Art and Anthropology. (2012). University of London
(2011) Grytter, S., & Rosenblum, E. (Eds). On Dialogue. ART/E/FACT: Publications of Art and Anthropology. (2011). University of London

Select Conference Presentations and Seminars:
“Toward an Audio Vérité: Observational Documentary and the Auditory Turn” Paper presented at In/visibility: Projects, Media, Politics, The American Ethnological Society Spring Meeting in collaboration with the Society for Visual Anthropology, Boston, MA, April 10-12 2014
“Signed Music: An Emerging Inter-performative Art” Paper presented with Dr. Jody Cripps and Dr. Anita Small at Waypoints: Deaf Studies Today!, Utah Valley University, April 10-12th 2014
“Sociality, Cybercartography and Electroacoustic Composition in Udo Noll’s Radio Aporee” Paper presented at Creativity, Circulation and Copyright: Sonic and Visual Media in the Digital Age, University of Cambridge, March 27-28th 2014
“Writing Histories of Listening: Acoustemology as Literary Practice.” Paper presented at Old Materials and New Materialisms as part of the 129th MLA Annual Convention, Chicago IL, January 9–12th 2014
“Towards a Signed Music: A Brief History of Sign Language Performance Practices.” Paper presented at Performing Prejudice, Newcastle University, July 22nd 2013
“Music in The Medium: An Ecomusicological Analysis of Field Recordings.” Paper presented at Beyond Soundscape as part of the Sonorities Festival 2013, Queen’s University Belfast, April 27th 2013, and Ecomusicologies 2013: Ecosystems and Ecocriticism, Queensland Conservatorium, Griffith University, November 22-23rd 2013