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Opera Studies

Opera studies has been a particularly lively area of musicological research over the last two decades, and it has a strong presence in the Faculty. Stefano Castelvecchi has been working on Mozart, Rossini and Verdi, approaching them from the angles of cultural history, genre, and textual criticism. Benjamin Walton’s interests lie in the sphere of Italian opera, and in particular its reception history (he has published a book on the reception of Rossini in Paris) and its worldwide dissemination (his current project the spread of the repertoire to South America). Andrew Jones is working on Handel, focusing on various aspects of performance practice, and his ideas in this area have been realized in his critical edition of Rodelinda, and in his productions of Handel’s operas at the Faculty (of which there have so far been thirteen). Marina Frolova-Walker has explored how nationalism and Socialist Realism affected the development of Russian and Soviet opera.